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2013 GCBS Fellowship Program for Buddhist Studies
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[2013 GCBS Fellowship Program for Buddhist Studies]


1. Purpose of the Fellowship Program

     The Geumgang Center for Buddhist Studies (GCBS) Fellowship Program for Buddhist Studies is designed to provide foreign professors and researchers an opportunity to carry out their research at Geumgang University in Korea.

2. Fields of Research

      East Asian Buddhism: Research on the Buddhist sects in the fifth-sixth centuries of China. Research on the theoretical basis of the major Buddhist sects of China. Research on Korean and Japanese Buddhism.

3. The Period of Fellowship: 3 months (from Sept.1. 2013). 

    If fellowship researcher wants to extend the period, it will be allowed within 3 months only once. 

4. Eligibility

    1) Applicants should stay in Korea during the fellowship period with GCBS as the primary work-place (field-work and travels are permitted).

    2) Applicants should be healthy for research in Korea (travelers insurance required).

    3) Applicants should have a language capability for research in Korea (Korean, English, Japanese, or Chinese).

    4) Applicants who have been awarded fellowships from any Korean institutes or who have received a GCBS fellowship within the last three years may be disadvantaged.

5. Fellowship Grant

    1) Economy-class round-trip airfare: Only provided to overseas recipients.

    2) Accommodations on campus (dormitory room).

    3) Daily meals are available in the campus cafeteria (Korean food). Meal tickets must be purchased.

    4) Monthly Stipend: 3,000,000 KRW (tax will be charged from this amount)

    5) Access to the facilities of the Academy, including the library.

    6) Dormitory: Each room is furnished with two single-beds, wardrobes, desks, and a private bathroom. All rooms have private phones and high-speed Internet connections.

6. Obligations of Fellowship Recipients

    1)  Fellows are expected to present a monthly report to GCBS.

    2)   Published research-papers/books resultant from the fellowship should acknowledge the fellowship.

7. Required Materials

    1) Application Form (plus Curriculum Vitae preferred).

    2) Research Program

    3) Letter of Recommendation

    4) Certificate of incumbency

* Application materials can be downloaded from our website at http://www.geumgang.ac.kr or http://gcbs.geumgang.ac.kr.

* Applicants should submit attached files of the required materials by e-mail or the original documents by mail. Documents must be postmarked no later than the deadline.

8. Application Deadline 

   Applications must be received by July 22(Monday), 2013.

9. Contact

   Scholars interested in applying should address application materials to:

Geumgang Center for Buddhist Studies Geumgang University

14-9 Daemyeong-ri, Sangwol-myeon  Nonsan-si  Chungnam  South Korea 320-931

Tel: +82-41-731-3614    

Fax: +82-41-731-3629   

E-mail: gcbs@ggu.ac.kr or icchantika@ggu.ac.kr




IP : 220.69.67.***
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